Recent Finds of Western-Related Glassware, Textiles, and Metalwork in Central Asia and China
Ellen Johnston Laing

Buddha head. Kara-tepe.
Turquoise Jars and Other West Asian Ceramics in China
Chuimei Ho

The Wine Birds of Iran from Pre-Achaemenid to Islamic Times
A. S. Melikian-Chirvani

A Jataka Tale on a Sasanian Silver Plate
Guitty Azarpay

Three Dated Kharosthi Inscriptions
Richard Salomon

OESHO or Shiva
Martha L. Carter

New Buddhist Sculpture from Kara-Tepe
Tigran Mkrtychev

Les pétroglyphes de Tamgaly
H.-P. Francfort, F. Soleilhavoup, J.-P. Bozellec, P. Vidal, F. D'Errico, D. Sacchi, Z. Samashev, et A. Rogozhinskij

The Early Exploits and Final Overthrow of Khusrau II (591 – 628): Panegyric and Vilification in the Last Byzantine-Iranian Conflict
David Frendo

Shadow and Resurrection
Albert de Jong

Ancient Synagogues: Archaeological Fact and Scholarly Assumption
Joseph Gutmann

A Bactrian Inscription on a Silver Vessel from China
Nicholas Sims-Williams

Museum Acquisitions and Notes: The Ancient Orient Museum
Martha L. Carter

The Manichean Polemical Hymns in M 28 I
P. O. Skjærvø

A Note on Metalwork from the Hellenistic East
Martha L. Carter


GYSELEN. Au carrefour des religions: Mélanges offerts à Philippe Gignoux
Carol Altman Bromberg

GYSELEN. Circulation des monnaies, des marchandises et des biens
Carol Altman Bromberg

DAVIS-KIMBALL, BASHILOV, AND YABLONSKY. Nomads of the Eurasian Steppes in the Early Iron Age
Carol Altman Bromberg

WIESEHÖFER.  Die "dunklen Jahrhunderte" der Persis
A. Shapur Shahbazi

DE CALLATAŸ. Les tétradrachmes d'Orodès II et de Phraate IV: Étude du rhythme de leur production monétaire à la lumière d'une grande trouvaille
A. D. H. Bivar

GYSELEN. Sceaux magiques en Iran sassanide
P. O. Harper

JETTMAR, KOENIG, AND BEMMANN. Antiquities of Northern Pakistan: Reports and Studies. Vol. 2
Martha L. Carter

INVERNIZZI. In the Land of the Gryphons: Papers on Central Asian Archaeology in Antiquity
Carol Altman Bromberg

SZUPPE. Entre Timourides, Uzbeks et Safavides: Questions d'histoire politique et sociale de Hérat dans la première moitié du XVIe siècle
Bernard O'Kane

Vol. 9 = 230 pp.
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