Iranian Studies in Honor of A. D. H. Bivar

Edited by Carol Altman Bromberg

A. D. H. Bivar
D. W. MacDowall, A. S. Bennell, and A. Sh. Shahbazi

Bibliography of A. D. H. Bivar

Asiani and Pasiani
H. W. Bailey

Detail of Treasury Room relief, Persepolis. Muze-ye-Iran Bastan, Tehran.

Bouclier inscrit du J. Paul Getty Museum au nom de Pharnace I, roi du Pont
Paul Bernard

L'emblème de gloire solaire d'un roi iranien du Pont
A. S. Melikian-Chirvani

A Tomb Made of Horses' Hooves
François de Blois

Great Vayu and Greater Varuna
Mary Boyce

Xerxes and the Esagila Temple in Babylon
Muhammad Dandamaev

On Some Supposed Indo-Iranian Glosses in Cuneiform Languages
I. M. Diakonoff

"Boys" and "Girls" in Khotanese
Ronald E. Emmerick

In Search of  Pa-lu-sha, a City of the Central Gandhara Plain
Elizabeth Errington

Where was Achaemenid India?
David Fleming

Sasanian-Central Asian Trade Relations
Richard N. Frye

A Sassanian Iconography of the Den
Gherardo Gnoli

Bamiyan and the  Mihr Yasht
Frantz Grenet

A Zoomorphic Stamp Seal from Northern Iran
John Hansman

On Spenta Mainyu's Role in the Zoroastrian Cosmogony
Philip G. Kreyenbroek

The Fire Altar of Happy *Frayosh
D. N. MacKenzie

The International Achaemenid Style
A. S. Melikian-Chirvani

High Relief Decoration on Ancient Iranian Metal Vessels: Development and Influence
P. R. S. Moorey

An Inscribed Gem from the Indo-Iranian Borderlands
B. N. Mukherjee

Intercultural Style "Weights"
Oscar White Muscarella

The Parthian Origins of the House of Rustam
A. Sh. Shahbazi

Notes on the Pahlvai Amulet and Sasanian Courts of Law
Shaul Shaked

Bactrian Ownership Inscriptions
Nicholas Sims-Williams

The Earliest Datable Inscription on a Sasanian Bowl: Two Silver Bowls in the J. Paul Getty Museum
Prods Oktor Skjærvø and Prudence Oliver Harper

D. B. Spooner at Kumrahar: The Persepolitan Legacy
Mary Stewart

The Date of the Barm-e Delak Inscription
Werner Sundermann

Museum Acquisitions and Notes: A Selection of Ancient Gold Coins from Afghanistan in the Herbert E. and Dorothy C. Schwarz Collection at the American Numismatic Society
Martha L. Carter

Reviews and Books Received

Vol. 7 = 245 pp.

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