Notes from the Editors

The Snake-Man in the Art of Bronze Age Bactria
G. Azarpay

Gold from Tillia-tepe
G. A. Pugachenkova and L. I. Rempel

But What is the Music? Musings on the Musicians at Buner
Bruno Nettl

A Statue of the Chief Priest from Hatra
Wathiq Al-Salihi

Some Notes on the Inscription from Nasrabad
V. A. Livshits and A. B. Nikitin

An Iranian Gesture at Miran
Carol A. Bromberg

Post-Sasanian Metalwork
Basil Gray

A Non-Royal Hunter Vessel
M. Rosen-Ayalon

Book-Painting in Transoxiana during the Timurid Period
B. W. Robinson

Women's Robes: The Achaemenid Era
Bernard Goldman

China and the West


A Report on Western Asian Glassware in the Far East
Ellen Johnston Laing

Dated Islamic Glass in China
An Jiayao

Central Asian Silver and Its Influence on Chinese Ceramics
Jessica Rawson

Late Thirteenth-Century Persian Tilework and Chinese Textiles
Yolande Crowe

Foreign Jewelry in Ancient China
Victor Cunrui Xiong and Ellen Johnston Laing

Parand and Parniyan Identified: The Royal Silks of Iran from Sasanian to Islamic Times
A. S. Melikian-Chirvani

The Central Asian Square in a Circle Plan
B. Brentjes

From the Crossroads of Asia: Transformations in Image and Symbol
Tenth Achaemenid History Workshop: Continuity and Change

Carol A. Bromberg

Museum Acquisitions and Notes

Reviews and Books Received

Vol. 5 = 219 pp.

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