Notes from the Editors

Ziwiyeh Miscellany
Bernard Goldman

The Terra-Cotta Horses of Bactria-Tokharistan: Semantics and Image
G. A. Pugachenkova

The Lintel of Gods from Hatra
Wathiq Al-Salihi

An Inscribed Capital Dating from the Time of Shapur I
Mahmud Tavoosi with Notes by R. N. Frye

Incised Bones and a Ceremonial Belt: Finds from Kurgan-Tepe and Tillia-Tepe
Burchard Brentjes

Mansur-depe Excavations
G. Koshelenko, A. Lapshin, and S. Novikov

Zoomorphic Capitals in Central Asia and Transcaucasia: Origins and Development
Boris Stavisky

Notes on the Silver Ewer from the Tomb of Li Xian
Wu Zhuo

Commentary on the Li Xian Silver Ewer
Alexandra Carpino and Jean M. James

Theophylact Simocatta on the Revolt of Bahram Chobin and the Early Career of Khusrau II
David Frendo

Tiraz in the Byzantine Collection, Dumbarton Oaks. Parts Two and Three: Tiraz from the Yemen, Iraq, Iran, and an Unknown Place
Harold W. Glidden and Deborah Thompson

More about the Giant Og in Islamic Art
Joseph Gutmann

Ecology and Empire: A Symposium on Nomads in the Cultural Evolution of the Old World
Richard N. Frye

Histoire et cultes de l'Asie centrale préislamique: Sources écrites et documents archéologiques
Carol Altman Bromberg

Reviews and Books Received

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