Volume 28

The Five Yabghus of the Yuezhi
Harry Falk

"Lost Property to the King!": The Talmudic Laws of Lost Property in the Shadow of Sasanian Bureaucracy
Shai Secunda

Secular Khotanese Documents and the Administrative System in Khotan
Zhang Zhan

What Was the Instrument That Zurwān Bestowed on Ahreman in the Wizīdagīhā ī Zādspram 1.29; 34.35?
Salman Aliyari Babolghani

A Jewish Aramaic Magic Bowl Containing the Formula of Ḥanina ben Dosa, and the Problem of Psalm 24:8b in the Magic Bowls
Siam Bhayro

Pahlavi Documents of Windādburzmihrābād, the Estate of a Zoroastrian Entrepreneur in Early Islamic Times (With an Excursus on the Origin of the Fulanabad-Type of Village Names)
Dieter Weber

The Pahlavi Optative and Some Feminine Forms in -īy
Prods Oktor Skjærvø

Homeric Scenes in Bactria and India: Two Silver Plates with Bactrian and Middle Persian Inscriptions
Anca Dan, Frantz Grenet and Nicholas Sims-Williams

Schrenk. Textilien des Mittelmeerraumes aus spätantiker bis früislamischer Zeit (CAB);

Von Fircks and Schorta. Oriental Silks in Medieval Europe (CAB);

Wang Bo, Wang Mingfang, Minawar Happar, and Lu Lipeng. Textile Treasures of Zaghunluq. Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum (CAB);

Vol. 28 = v + 302 pp.; $85/$115
Published December 2018

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