Volume 27

More Zoroastrian Scenes on the Wirkak (Shi Jun) Sarcophagus
Frantz Grenet

PV 5.1–4 in the Context of Late Antique Intellectual History
Yaakov Elman and Mahnaz Moazami

The Ashes of the Buddha
Harry Falk

Śrāvakas, Buddhas, and the Buddha’s Father: Inscribed Artefacts in the U Thong National Museum
Peter Skilling

Rock Paintings Depicting Stupas in Gujarat, India
V. H. Sonowane

Sasanian Seals of Priests
Domenico Agostini and Shaul Shaked

A Bactrian Document of the Fifth Century C.E.
Nicholas Sims-Williams

Elamite dayāuš (~ Old Persian dahyāu̯-š)
Salman Aliyari Babolghani

Accountancy of a Zoroastrian Craftsman in Early Islamic Times (662–664 CE)
Dieter Weber

The Etymology of Avestan 2čiϑra‐'Descent, Progeny'
Stefan Zimmer

Kings of Khotan during the Tang Dynasty
Zhang Zhan

Samuel N. C. Lieu and Gunner B. Mikkelsen, eds. Between Rome and China: History, Religions and Material Culture of the Silk Road (Albert E. Dien)

Valerie Hansen. The Silk Road: A New History with Documents (Jenny Rose)

Victor H. Mair and Jane Hickman, eds. Reconfiguring the Silk Road: New Research on East-West Exchange in Antiquity (Jenny Rose)

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Published December, 2017

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