Volume 24

Solomon at Pasargadae: Some New Perspectives
David Stronach

Encountering a Beautiful Maiden: On the Zoroastrian dēn in Comparison with Dante’s Beatrice
Domenico Agostini

Gazing through Transparent Objects in Pahlavi and Rabbinic Literature: A Comparative Analysis
Yishai Kiel

Villages and Estates in the Documents from the Pahlavi Archive: The Geographical Background
Dieter Weber

The Epic of Farāmarz in the Panjikent Paintings
Michael Shenkar

Silk, Buddhism and Early Khotanese Chronology: A Note on the Prophecy of the Li Country
Étienne de la Vaissière

Libation Trays from Gandhara
Harry Falk

Maitreya and the Yūpa: Some Gandharan Reliefs
Phyllis Granoff

Sovereignty, Control, and Co-existence in Byzantine-Iranian Relations: An Overview
David Frendo

The Prophet’s Seal: A Contextualized Look at the Crystal Sealstone of Mani (216–276 C.E.) in the Bibliothèque nationale de France
Zsuzsanna Gulácsi

Gnosis and Deliverance: Werner Sundermann's "Speech of the Living Soul"
Prods Oktor Skjærvø


Samra Azarnouche, ed. and trans. Husraw ī Kawādān-ē ud Rēdag-ē: Khosrow fils de Kawād et un page (Jenny Rose)

Domenico Agostini, Ayādgār ī Jāmāspīg: Un texte eschatologique zoroastrien (Daniel Sheffield)

Florence Jullien, ed. Eastern Christianity: A Crossroads of Cultures (David Frendo)

VOL. 24 = v + 218 pp.
Published December, 2014

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