Volume 23

Timothy Lenz, Jason Neelis, and Andrew Glass

Bibliography of Mary Boyce (post-1984)
Jenny Rose

Richard Salomon: A Personal Tribute
Michael Shapiro

A Gāndhārī Version of the Story of the Merchants Tapussa and Bhallika
Mark Allon

Inscribed Buddhist Tablets from Merv
Stefan Baums

What Do We Mean by "Early" in the Study of the Early Mahāyāna—and Should We Care?
Daniel Boucher

What’s in a Name? School Affiliation in an Early Buddhist Gāndhārī Manuscript
Collett Cox

Making Wine in Gandhara under Buddhist Monastic Supervision
Harry Falk

Andrew Glass

Verses by Śāntideva in the Śikṣāsamuccaya: A New English Translation
Paul Harrison

The Foolish Cat and the Clever Mouse: Another Parable from an Unknown Story Collection
Jens-Uwe Hartmann

An Indo-Iranian Priestly Title Lurking in the Rig Veda? An Indic Equivalent to Avestan karapan
Stephanie Jamison

On Amitābha, Amitāyu(s), Sukhāvatī and the Amitābhavyūha
Seishi Karashima

Gandhāra and the Greeks
Klaus Karttunen

Ephemeral Dharma; Magical Hope
Timothy Lenz

A Note on the Etymology of Gandhāra
Abdur Rehman

The Garuḍa and the Nāgī/Nāga in the Headdresses of Gandhāran Bodhisattvas: Locating Textual Parallels
Juhyung Rhi

Indian Epigraphy and the Asiatic Society: The First Fifty Years
Ludo Rocher and Rosanne Rocher

Regional Languages and the Law in Some Early North Indian Buddhist Monasteries and Convents
Gregory Schopen

Sārtha- and Other Caravan Words
Martin Schwartz

The Nature of the Verses of the Kāśyapaparivarta
Jonathan Silk

Some Bactrian Inscriptions on Silver Vessels
Nicholas Sims-Williams

Prakrit Prajñāpāramitās: Northwest, South, and Center: Gleanings from Avalokitavrata and Haribhadra
Peter Skilling

Inscribed Objects from Greater Gandhāra
Ingo Strauch

Avalokiteśvara of the Six Syllables: Locating the Practice of the "Great Vehicle" in the Landscape of Central India
Michael Willis


Jongeward, Errington, Salomon, and Baums. Gandharan Buddhist Reliquaries. Gandharan Studies, vol. 1 (Neelis)

VOL. 23 = v + 240 pp.
Published November, 2013

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