Volume 19

"Mulberry” in Khotanese: A New Khotanese Loan Deed in the Hetian Museum
Duan Qing

The Other in the Mirror: Iranians and Jews View One Another: Questions of Identity, Conversion, and Exogamy in the Fifth-Century Iranian Empire, Part One
Yaakov Elman

Church and State in Iranian History
Richard N. Frye

Vahrām III (293) and the Rock Relief of Naqsh-i Rustam II: A Contribution to the Iconography of Sasanian Crown Princes in the Third Century
Rika Gyselen

The Tribute Trade with Khotan in Light of Materials Found at the Dunhuang Library Cave
Valerie Hansen

From Earth to Heaven: Speculations on the Significance of the Form of the Achaemenid Censer
Prudence O. Harper

The Cow that Came from the Moon: The Avestan Expression māh- gaociθra-
Almut Hintze

Poetic Self-Reference in the Rig Veda and the Persona of Zarathustra
Stephanie W. Jamison

Le sacrifice et la nature humaine
Jean Kellens et Philippe Swennen

Paul Pelliot and the Deśanā-parivarta of the Suvarnabhāsa-sūtra
Hiroshi Kumamoto

An Alan Seal
Judith A. Lerner

The Herbēdestān as a Legal Source: A Section on the Inheritance of a Convert to Zoroastrianism
Maria Macuch

Annotations on the Book of Zambasta, II: Khotanese mamkyā-
Mauro Maggi

Sheep, Wheat, and Wine: An Achaemenian Antecedent of the Sasanian Sacrifices pad ruwān
Antonio Panaino

The Name of the So-called “Tumshuqese” Language
Rong Xinjiang

The Demon Weed
James R. Russell

Remarks on the Formal Brāhmī Script from the Southern Silk Route
Lore Sander

Apollo and Khshathrapati, the Median Nergal, at Xanthos
Martin Schwartz

Studying with a Magus/Like Giving a Tongue to a Wolf
Shai Secunda

Aramaic Loan-words in Middle Persian
Shaul Shaked

Nugae Epigraphicae
M. Rahim Shayegan

The Wizirgerd ī Dēnīg and the Evil Spirit: Questions of Authenticity in Post-Classical Zoroastrianism
Daniel Jensen Sheffield

Before the Quarrel: A Bactrian Purchase Contract
Nicholas Sims-Williams

The Strange Story of Samuel Guise: An 18th-Century Collection of Zoroastrian Manuscripts
Ursula Sims-Williams

The Emperor’s New Clothes
Werner Sundermann

Resurrecting the Resurrection: Eschatology and Exegesis in Late Antique Zoroastrianism
Yuhan Sohrab-Dinshaw Vevaina

A Pahlavi Papyrus from Islamic Times
Dieter Weber

Viśa’ Śūra’s Corpse Discovered?
Yutaka Yoshida

VOL. 19 = 246 pp.
Published in December 2009

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