The Shah-Name Echo in the Sikh Scriptures and the Sikh Institution of the Nahangs
Assadullah Souren Melikian-Chirvani

Cassius Dio and Herodian on the First Sasanian Offensive against the Eastern Provinces of the Roman Empire (229–232)
David Frendo

The Iranian Painter, the Metaphorical Hermitage, and the Christian Princess
Assadullah Souren Melikian-Chirvani

How Zarathushtra Generated the Gathic Corpus: Inner-textual and Intertextual Composition .pdf file
Martin Schwartz

The “Late Neo-Elamite” Glyptic Style: A Perspective from Fars
Mark B. Garrison

An Ass for Ares
D. T. Potts

Images du combat contre le sanglier en Asie central (3ème au 1er millénaire av. J.-C.)
Henri-Paul Francfort

La Vieille Route Reconsidered: Alternative Paths for Early Transmission of Buddhism Beyond the Borderlands of South Asia
Jason Neelis

The Feminization of the Sarnath Gupta-Period Buddha Images
Robert L. Brown

Shorter Notices
Analysis of Writing Materials in Middle Persian Documents
Guitty Azarpay, J. G. Barabe, K. A. Martin, and A. S. Teetsov

Karl Jettmar (1918–2002)
Kathryn Linduff

Bernard M. Goldman (1922–2006)


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Vol. 16 = 224 pp.

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