An Account Tablet from Eighth-Century Khotan

Prods Oktor Skjærvø

Bactrian Legal Documents from 7th- and 8th-Century Gugzan
Nicholas Sims-Williams

Cultural Riddles: Stylized Deer and Deer Stones of the Mongolian Altai
Esther Jacobson-Tepfer

Constantine’s Letter to Shapur II, Its Authenticity, Occasion, and Attendant Circumstances
David Frendo

Two Recently Discovered Inscribed Sasanian Silver Bowls
Daryoush Akbarzadeh, Touraj Daryaee, and Judith A. Lerner

The Red Stones of Light in Iranian Culture. I. Spinels (with 7 color illustrations)
Assadullah Souren Melikian-Chirvani

Parthian and Hellenistic Influences on the Development of Skanda’s Cult in North India: Evidence from Kusana-Era Art and Coins
Richard Mann

The Chatri in Indian Architecture: Persian Wooden Canopies Materialised in Stone

Mehrdad Shokoohy and Natalie H. Shokoohy

Shorter Notices
“Les Sogdiens en Chine—Nouvelles découvertes historiques, archéologiques et linguistiques” and Two Recently Discovered Sogdian Tombs in Xi’an .pdf file
Judith A. Lerner

The Silk Road: Trade, Travel, War and Faith
Ursula Sims-Williams

The Kingdom of Khotan to AD 1000: A Meeting of Cultures
Ursula Sims-Williams

Review Article
Jiroft and “Jiroft-Aratta” .pdf file
Oscar White Muscarella


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Gyselen. Nouveaux matériaux pour la géographie historique de l’Empire sassanide: Sceaux administratifs de la Collection Ahmad Saeedi

Wiesehöfer. Das Frühe Persien: Geschichte eines antiken Weltreichs
Witzel. Das Alte Indien

Jullien and Jullien. Apôtres des confins: Processus missionnaires chrétiens dans l’Empire iranien

Litvinsky, ed. Vostochnyi Turkestan v drevnosti i rannem srednevekov’e: Arkhitektura, isskustvo, kostium (Eastern Turkestan during Antiquity and the early Middle Ages: Architecture, art, dress)

Bandini-König and von Hinüber, with contributions from Dickoré and Wagner. Die Felsbildstationen Shing Nala und Gichi Nala

Salje, ed. Vorderasiatische Museen, Gestern - Heute - Morgen, Berlin - Paris - London - New York: Eine Standortbestimmung. Kolloquium aus Anlaß des Einhundertjährigen Bestehens des Vorderasiatischen Museums Berlin am 7. Mai 1999

Vol. 15 = 222 pp.

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