Notes from the Editors

Richard N. Frye

George M. A. Hanfmann, 1911-1986
Machteld J. Mellink

The Sacrilege Inscription: The Ethnic, Linguistic, Social and Religious Situation at Sardis at the End of the Persian Era
G. M. A. Hanfmann

Ancient Sumer and Iran: Gleanings from Sumerian Literature
Samuel Noah Kramer

British Museum "Axe" No. 123268: A Bactrian Bronze
Rachel Maxwll-Hyslop

The Saka Haumavarga and the Amyrgioi
A. K. Narain

The Indo-Parthian Beginnings of Gandhara Sculpture
Chantal Fabrègues

A Gandharan Blessing
Martha L. Carter

Die Numismatik als Quelle zur Kunst der Sasaniden, der Kushan und der iranischen Hunnen
Robert Göbl

A Sasanian Silver Plate with a Leopard Hunt
Katsumi Tanabe

The Patronage of Zahir al-Din Babur and the Origins of Mughal Architecture
Howard Crane

The Combat between Moses and Og in Muslim Miniatures
Joseph Gutmann and Vera Basch Moreen

Nimrod, Joseph and Jonah: Miniatures from Ottoman Baghdad
Rachel Milstein

"A Person of Desperate Fortunes": On the Evaluation of Historical Sources
William Trousdale

Reviews and Books Received

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