Mithra Khsathrapati and His Brother Ahura
Mary Boyce; vol. 4

Remarks on a Manichaean Kephalaion of Dublin
Gherardo Gnoli; vol. 4

The Fillet of Nobility
Mansour Shaki; vol. 4

Viiamburas and Kafirs
Martin Schwartz; vol. 4

The Sogdian Fragments of Leningrad II: Mani at the Court of the Shahanshah
Nicholas Sims-Williams; vol. 4

Shapur's Coronation: The Evidence of the Cologne Mani Codex Reconsidered and Compared with Other Texts
Werner Sundermann; vol. 4

Bamiyan and the Mihr Yasht
Frantz Grenet; vol. 7

Great Vayu and Greater Varuna
Mary Boyce; vol. 7

A Sassanian Iconography of the Den
Gherardo Gnoli; vol. 7

On Spenta Mainyu's Role in the Zoroastrian Cosmogony
Philip G. Kreyenbroek; vol. 7

Shadow and Resurrection
A. de Jong; vol. 9

The Manichean Polemical Hymns in M 28 I
Prods Oktor Skjærvø; vol. 9

The Last Refuge of the Sogdian Religion: Dunhuang in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries
Frantz Grenet and Zhang Guangda; vol. 10

More on astwand ruwan (KKZ 19 and KNRb 20-21)
Gherardo Gnoli; vol. 10

The Wall of Alexander the Great and the Limes Sasanicus
J. Harmatta; vol. 10

The Iranian Wine Horn from Pre-Achaemenid Antiquity to the Safavid Age
A. S. Melikian-Chirvani; vol. 10

The Sogdian Temple: Structure and Rituals
V. G. Shkoda; vol. 10

Fifty Years of Archaeological Exploration in Panjikent
V. G. Shkoda; vol. 10

A Manichaean View on the Resurrection of the Body
Werner Sundermann; vol. 10

Xerxès, Priam et Zoroastre
Gherardo Gnoli; vol. 12

Revelations, Theology, and Poetics in the Gathas
Martin Schwartz; vol. 14

Images du combat contre le sanglier en Asie centrale (3ème au 1er millénaire av. J.-C.)
Henri-Paul Francfort; vol. 16

How Zarathushtra Generated the Gathic Corpus: Inner-textual and Intertextual Composition
Martin Schwartz; vol. 16

Women in the Old Avesta: Social Position and Textual Composition
Martin Schwartz; vol. 17

New Information on the Date and Function of the Berkeley MP Archive
Guitty Azarpay, Kathleen Martin, Martin Schwartz, and Dieter Weber; vol. 17

A Triplet of Manichean Middle Iranian Studies
Prods Oktor Skjærvø; vol. 18

The Other in the Mirror: Iranians and Jews View One Another. Questions of Identity, Conversion, and Exogamy in the Fifth-Century Iranian Empire. Part One
Yaakov Elman; vol. 19

The Cow That Came from the Moon: The Avestan Expression māh- gaociθra-
Almut Hintze; vol. 19

Poetic Self-Reference in the Rig Veda and the Persona of Zarathustra
Stephanie W. Jamison; vol. 19

Le sacrifice et la nature humaine
Jean Kellens and Philippe Swennen; vol. 19

The Hērbedestān as a Legal Source: A Section on the Inheritance of a Convert to Zoroastrianism
Maria Macuch; vol. 19

Annotations on the Book of Zambasta, II: Khotanese mamkyā-
Mauro Maggi; vol. 19

Sheep, Wheat, and Wine: An Achaemenian Antecedent of the Sasanian Sacrifices pad ruwān
Antonio Panaino; vol. 19

Studying with a Magus/Like Giving a Tongue to a Wolf
Shai Secunda; vol. 19

The Wizirgerd ī Dēnīg and the Evil Spirit: Questions of Authenticity in Post-Classical Zoroastrianism
Daniel Jensen Sheffield; vol. 19

The Strange Story of Samuel Guise: An 18th-Century Collection of Zoroastrian Manuscripts
Ursula Sims-Williams; vol. 19

Resurrecting the Resurrection: Eschatology and Exegesis in Late Antique Zoroastrianism
Yuhan Sohrab-Dinshaw Vevaina; vol. 19

The Other in the Mirror: Questions of Identity, Conversion, and Exogamy in the Fifth-Century Iranian Empire. Part Two
Yaakov Elman; vol. 20

Iranian Gods in Hindu Garb: The Zoroastrian Pantheon of the Bactrians and Sogdians, Second–Eighth Centuries
Frantz Grenet; vol. 20

The Zoroastrian Towers of Silence in the ex-Portuguese Colony of Diu
Mehrdad Shokoohy; vol. 21

Bird-Priests in Central Asian Tombs of 6th-Century China and Their Significance in the Funerary Realm
Penélopé Riboud; vol. 21

Where are the Sogdian Magi?
Frantz Grenet; with Samra Azarnoush; vol. 21

Mary Boyce and the Quest for Zoroaster
François de Blois; vol. 22

Mary Boyce's Legacy for the Archaeologists
Frantz Grenet; vol. 22

The Life of Jesus According to the Diatessaron in Early Manichaean Art and Text
Zsuzsanna Gulácsi; vol. 22

Regional Variation in Zoroastrianism: The Case of the Parthians
Albert de Jong; vol. 22

The Systematization of Penitence in Zoroastrianism in Light of Rabbinic and Islamic Literature
Yishai Kiel; vol. 22

On the Construction of Zoroastrianism in Western Iran
Philip Kreyenbroek; vol. 22

Magic Mountains, Milky Seas, Dragon Slayers, and Other Zoroastrian Archetypes
James R. Russell; vol. 22

On Aiiehiia, Afflictress of Childbirth, and Pairika: Two Avestan Demonesses (with an Appendix on the Indo-Iranian Shipwrecked Seaman)
Martin Schwartz; vol. 22

Légendes et savoirs périnataux chez les Zoroastrians
Mihaela Timuş; vol. 22

The Re-placement of Zoroastrian Iran: A New Reading of the Persian Qesse-ye Sanjan of Bahman Key Qobad Sanjana (1599)
Alan Williams; vol. 22

Kotwal and Kreyenbroek, eds. The Herbedestan and Nerangestan. Vol. 4, Nerangestan, Fragard 3 (Skjærvø); vol. 22

An Indo-Iranian Priestly Title Lurking in the Rig Veda? An Indic Equivalent to Avestan karapan
Stephanie Jamison; vol. 23

Encountering a Beautiful Maiden: On the Zoroastrian dēn in Comparison with Dante’s Beatrice
Domenico Agostini; vol. 24

The Prophet’s Seal: A Contextualized Look at the Crystal Sealstone of Mani (216–276 C.E.) in the Bibliothèque nationale de France
Zsuzsanna Gulácsi; vol. 24

Gazing through Transparent Objects in Pahlavi and Rabbinic Literature: A Comparative Analysis
Yishai Kiel; vol. 24

Gnosis and Deliverance: Werner Sundermann's "Speech of the Living Soul"
Oktor Skjærvø; vol. 24

Domenico Agostini, Ayādgār ī Jāmāspīg: Un texte eschatologique zoroastrien (Daniel Sheffield) vol. 24

Picturing Mani’s Cosmology: An Analysis of Doctrinal Iconography on a Manichaean Hanging Scroll from 13th/14th-Century Southern China
Zsuzsanna Gulácsi and Jason BeDuhn; vol. 25

“The Sabbath Was Made for Humankind:” A Rabbinic and Christian Principle in Its Iranian Context
Yishai Kiel and Prods Oktor Skjærvø; vol. 25

The Religion of Wirkak and Wiyusi: The Zoroastrian Iconographic Program on a Sogdian Sarcophagus from Sixth-Century X’ian
Zsuzsanna Gulácsi and Jason BeDuhn; vol. 26

Cantera. Vers une édition de la liturgie longue zoroastrienne: Pensées et travaux préliminaires
(Skjærvø); vol. 26

More Zoroastrian Scenes on the Wirkak (Shi Jun) Sarcophagus
Frantz Grenet; vol. 27

PV 5.1–4 in the Context of Late Antique Intellectual History
Yaakov Elman and Mahnaz Moazami; vol. 27

Accountancy of a Zoroastrian Craftsman in Early Islamic Times (662–664 CE)
Dieter Weber; vol. 27

Pahlavi Documents of Windādburzmihrābād, the Estate of a Zoroastrian Entrepreneur in Early Islamic Times (With an Excursus on the Origin of the Fulanabad-Type of Village Names)
Dieter Weber; vol. 28

What Was the Instrument That Zurwān Bestowed on Ahreman in the Wizīdagīhā ī Zādspram 1.29; 34.35?
Salman Aliyari Babolghani; vol. 28

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