Ancient Sumer and Iran: Gleanings from Sumerian Literature
Samuel Noah Kramer; vol. 1

The Putto and Garland in Asia
Carol Altman Bromberg; vol. 2

The Lintel of Gods from Hatra
Wathiq Al-Salihi; vol. 3

Some Assyrian Gestures
Bernard Goldman; vol. 4

The Garden as a Political Statement
David Stronach; vol. 4

Xerxes and the Esagila Temple in Babylon
Muhammad Dandamaev; vol. 7

Intercultural Style "Weights"
Oscar White Muscarella; vol. 7

Parthian Ostraca from the Syrian Jazira
Michael Fuller and A. D. H. Bivar; vol. 10

A New Syrian Mithraic Tauroctony
Albert de Jong; vol. 11

Le cortège des "rois de Babylone"
Paul Goukowsky; vol. 12

Portraits of Seleucid Kings on the Sealings from Seleucia-on-the-Tigris:
A Reassessment

Antonio Invernizzi; vol. 12

Antimène de Rhodes à Babylone
Georges Le Rider; vol. 12

Jiroft and “Jiroft-Aratta”
Oscar White Muscarella; vol. 15

An Ass for Ares
D. T. Potts; vol. 16

The “Late Neo-Elamite” Glyptic Style: A Perspective from Fars
Mark B. Garrison; vol. 16

Briant and Boucharlat, eds. L’archéologie de l’empire achéménide (Dusinberre); vol. 16

On Demetrios II's Arsacid Captivity and Second Rule
Rahim Shayegan; vol. 17

Schrenk, ed. Textiles in Situ: Their Find Spots in Egypt and Neighboring Countries in the First Millennium CE. Riggisberger Berichte 13 (Bromberg); vol. 17

The Other in the Mirror: Questions of Identity, Conversion, and Exogamy in the Fifth-Century Iranian Empire. Part Two
Yaakov Elman; vol. 20

Cataphractus and kamāndār: Some Thoughts on the Dynamic Evolution of Heavy Cavalry and Mounted Archers in Iran and Central Asia
D. T. Potts; vol. 21

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