A Sasanian Silver Plate with a Leopard Hunt
Katsumi Tanabe; vol. 1

Wine cup, probably Tabarestan, 7-8th c. A.D. Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Washington, D.C.
British Museum "Axe" No. 123268: A Bactrian Bronze
Rachel Maxwell–Hyslop; vol. 1

Ziwiyeh Miscellany
Bernard Goldman; vol. 3

An Iranian Silver Vessel from the Tomb of Feng Hetu
Prudence O. Harper; vol. 4

A Kharosthi Inscription on a Silver Goblet
Richard Salomon, with Bernard Goldman; vol. 4

Post–Sasanian Metalwork
Basil Gray; vol. 5

A Non–Royal Hunter Vessel
M. Rosen–Ayalon; vol. 5

Central Asian Silver and Its Influence on Chinese Ceramics
Jessica Rawson; vol. 5

Gold from Tillia–tepe
G. A. Pugachenkova and L. I. Rempel; vol. 5

A Report on Western Asian Glassware in the Far East
Ellen Johnston Laing; vol. 5

Dated Islamic Glass in China
An Jiayao; vol. 5

Stratified Finds of Chinese Porcelains from Pre–Mongol Samarkand (Afrasiab)
Ludmila Sokolovskaia and Axelle Rougeulle; vol. 6

Bouclier inscrit du J. Paul Getty Museum au nom de Pharnace I, roi du Pont
Paul Bernard; vol. 7

L'emblème de gloire solaire d'un roi iranien du Pont
A. S. Melikian–Chirvani; vol. 7

High Relief Decoration on Ancient Iranian Metal Vessels
P. R. S. Moorey; vol. 7

The Earliest Datable Inscription on a Sasanian Bowl: Two Silver Bowls in the J. Paul Getty Museum

Prods Oktor Skjærvø and Prudence Oliver Harper; vol. 7

The Wine Birds of Iran from Pre–Achaemenid to Islamic Times
A. S. Melikian–Chirvani; vol. 9

A Note on Metalwork from the Hellenistic East
Martha L. Carter; vol. 9

Turquoise Jars and Other West Asian Ceramics in China
Chuimei Ho; vol. 9

Recent Finds of Western–Related Glassware, Textiles, and Metalwork in Central Asia and China
Ellen Johnston Laing; vol. 9

A Jataka Tale on a Sasanian Silver Plate
Guitty Azarpay; vol. 9

Old Nisa and the Art of the Steppes
Antonio Invernizzi; vol. 10

The Iranian Wine Horn from Pre–Achaemenid Antiquity to the Safavid Age
A. S. Melikian–Chirvani; vol. 10

Fifty Years of Archaeological Exploration in Panjikent
V. G. Shkoda; vol. 10

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Andrew Topsfield; vol. 10

The Iranian Wine Leg from Prehistory to Mongol Times
A. S. Melikian–Chirvani; vol. 11

The Joy of the Cup: A Pre–Sasanian Middle Persian Inscription on a Silver Bowl
Prods Oktor SkjÀ vol. 11

Les Grecs, les Nomades et l’indépendance de la Sogdiane, d’après l’occupation
comparée d’Aï Khanoum et de Marakanda  au cours des derniers siècles avant
notre ère

B. Lyonnet; vol. 12

Some 12th Century Iranian Wine Ewers and Their Poems
Abdullah Ghouchani; vol. 13

Recent Archaeological Work on the Golden Horde
J. M. Rogers; vol. 14

The Red Stones of Light in Iranian Culture. I. Spinels
(with 7 color illustrations)
Assadullah Souren Melikian-Chirvani; vol. 15

Jiroft and “Jiroft-Aratta”
Oscar White Muscarella; vol. 15

Parthian and Hellenistic Influences on the Development of Skanda’s Cult in North India: Evidence from Kushana-Era Art and Coins
Richard Mann; vol. 15

Two Recently Discovered Inscribed Sasanian Silver Bowls

Daryoush Akbarzadeh, Touraj Daryaee, and Judith A. Lerner; vol. 15

Images du combat contre le sanglier en Asie centrale (3ème au 1er millénaire av. J.-C.)
Henri-Paul Francfort; vol. 16

Haerinck and Overlaet. Luristan Excavation Documents. Vol. 5, The Iron Age III Graveyard at War Kabud Pusht-i Kuh, Luristan (Muscarella); vol. 16

The Impact of the Hun Invasions: A Nomadic Interlude in Indian Art Madhuvanti Ghose; vol. 17

A Note on the Hasanlu Bowl as Structural Network: Mitanni-Arya and Hurrian?
Henri-Paul Francfort; vol. 22

Some Bactrian Inscriptions on Silver Vessels
Nicholas Sims-Williams; vol. 23

“Buddhist” Metalware from Gandhara
Harry Falk; vol. 26

Homeric Scenes in Bactria and India: Two Silver Plates with Bactrian and Middle Persian Inscriptions
Anca Dan, Frantz Grenet and Nicholas Sims-Williams; vol. 28

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