The Sacrilege Inscription: The Ethnic, Linguistic, Social and Religious Situation at Sardis at the End of the Persian Era
G. M. A. Hanfmann; vol. 1

Theophylact Simocatta on the Revolt of Bahram Chobin and the Early Career of Khusrau II
David Frendo; vol. 3

The International Achaemenid Style
A. S. Melikian-Chirvani; vol. 7

Bouclier inscrit du J. Paul Getty Museum au nom de Pharnace I, roi du Pont
Paul Bernard; vol. 7

L'emblème de gloire solaire d'un roi iranien du Pont
A. S. Melikian-Chirvani; vol. 7

The Early Exploits and Final Overthrow of Khusrau II (591 – 628): Panegyric and Vilification in the Last Byzantine-Iranian Conflict
David Frendo; vol. 9

The Religious Factor in Byzantine-Iranian Relations
David Frendo; vol. 11

Byzantine-Iranian Relations before and after the Death of Khusrau II: A Critical Examination of the Evidence
David Frendo; vol. 14

Constantine’s Letter to Shapur II, Its Authenticity, Occasion, and Attendant Circumstances
David Frendo; vol. 15

Cassius Dio and Herodian on the First Sasanian Offensive against the Eastern Provinces of the Roman Empire (229–232)
David Frendo; vol. 16

The Iranian Painter, the Metaphorical Hermitage, and the Christian Princess
Assadullah Souren Melikian-Chirvani; vol. 16

Briant and Boucharlat, eds. L’archéologie de l’empire achéménide (Dusinberre); vol. 16

Roman Expansion and the Graeco-Iranian World: Carrhae, Its Explanation and Aftermath in Plutarch
David Frendo; vol. 17

Agathias’ View of the Intellectual Attainments of Khusrau I: A Reconsideration of the Evidence
David Frendo; vol. 18

On the Rationale behind the Roman Wars of Sabuhr II the Great
Rahim Shayegan; vol. 18

Iron Age Anatolia from Ionia to Phrygia to Urartu
Oscar White Muscarella; vol. 18

Apollo and Khshathrapati, the Median Nergal, at Xanthos
Martin Schwartz; vol. 19

Emending a Name: Theophylact Simocatta’s Version of the Correspondence between Khusrau II and Bahram Chobin
David Frendo; vol. 20

Religious Minorities and Religious Dissent in the Byzantine and Sasanian Empires (590–641): Sources for the Historical Background
David Frendo; vol. 22

Sovereignty, Control, and Co-existence in Byzantine-Iranian Relations: An Overview
David Frendo; vol. 24

Alexander’s Anti-Persian Rhetoric and the Destruction of the Achaemenid Empire: A Re-examination of the Sources
David Frendo; vol. 26

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