Ancient Sumer and Iran: Gleanings from Sumerian Literature
Samuel Noah Kramer; vol. 1

A Sasanian Silver Plate with a Leopard Hunt
Katsumi Tanabe; vol. 1

Die Numismatik als Quelle zur Kunst der Sasaniden, der Kushan und der iranischen Hunnen
Robert Göbl; vol. 1

An Iranian Sarapis
A. D. H. Bivar; vol. 2

Sacral Kingship in Sasanian Iran
Jamsheed K. Choksy; vol. 2

Theophylact Simocatta on the Revolt of Bahram Chobin and the Early Career of Khusrau II
David Frendo; vol. 3

Ziwiyeh Miscellany
Bernard Goldman; vol. 3

An Inscribed Capital Dating from the Time of Shapur I
Mahmud Tavoosi with R. N. Frye; vol. 3

An Iranian Silver Vessel from the Tomb of Feng Hetu
Prudence O. Harper; vol. 4

The Light of Heaven and Earth: From the Chahar-taq to the Mihrab
A. S. Melikian-Chirvani; vol. 4

Buddhist Monuments of Central Asia and the Sasanians
B. J. Stavisky; vol. 4

The Garden as a Political Statement
David Stronach; vol. 4

Gesture in Ancient Iran and Central Asia II: Proskynesis and the Bent Forefinger
Jamsheed K. Choksy; vol. 4

Miscellanea Sasanidica
Philippe Gignoux; vol. 4

Early Persians' Interest in History
A. Sh. Shahbazi; vol. 4

Shapur's Coronation: The Evidence of the Cologne Mani Codex Reconsidered and Compared with Other Texts
Werner Sundermann; vol. 4

An Unrecognized Sasanian Title
Ahmad Tafazzoli; vol. 4

An Iranian Gesture at Miran
Carol A. Bromberg; vol. 5

Women's Robes: The Achaemenid Era
Bernard Goldman; vol. 5

Sasanian Irredentism and the Foundation of Constantinople
David Frendo; vol. 6

The Iranian Sun Shield
A. S. Melikian-Chirvani; vol. 6

L'emblème de gloire solaire d'un roi iranien du Pont
A. S. Melikian-Chirvani; vol. 7

The International Achaemenid Style
A. S. Melikian-Chirvani; vol. 7

High Relief Decoration on Ancient Iranian Metal Vessels
P. R. S. Moorey; vol. 7

A Zoomorphic Stamp Seal from Northern Iran
John Hansman; vol. 7

Where was Achaemenid India?
David Fleming; vol. 7

Sasanian-Central Asian Trade Relations
Richard N. Frye; vol. 7

The Parthian Origins of the House of Rustam
A. Sh. Shahbazi; vol. 7

Notes on the Pahlavi Amulet and Sasanian Courts of Law
Shaul Shaked; vol. 7

D. B. Spooner at Kumrahar: The Persepolitan Legacy
Mary Stewart; vol. 7

Gondophares the SAH (SAE): Postscript to "The Parthian Origins of the House of Rustam"
A. Shapur Shahbazi; vol. 8

A Jataka Tale on a Sasanian Silver Plate
vol. 9

The Wine Birds of Iran from Pre-Achaemenid to Islamic Times
A. S. Melikian-Chirvani; vol. 9

The Early Exploits and Final Overthrow of Khusrau II (591-628): Panegyric and Vilification in the Last Byzantine-Iranian Conflict
David Frendo; vol. 9

Pre-Median Indo-Iranian Tribes in Northern Iran?
I. M. Diakonoff; vol. 10

The Middle Persian Inscription from Meshkinshahr
Richard Nelson Frye and Prods Oktor Skjærvø; vol. 10

Six documents pehlevis sur cuir du California Museum of Ancient Art, Los Angeles
Philippe Gignoux; vol. 10

More on astwand ruwan (KKZ 19 and KNRb 20-21)
Gherardo Gnoli; vol. 10

The Wall of Alexander the Great and the Limes Sasanicus
J. Harmatta; vol. 10

Epigraphisch-exegetisch Probleme der altpersischen Texte "DNb" and "XP1": Teil I
Rüdiger Schmidt; vol. 10

The Bactrian Calendar
Nicholas Sims-Williams and François de Blois; vol. 10

The Joy of the Cup: A Pre-Sasanian Middle Persian Inscription on a Silver Bowl
Prods Oktor Skjærvø; vol. 11

The Iranian Wine Leg from Prehistory to Mongol Times
A. S. Melikian Chirvani; vol. 11

Early Iranian Jade
A. S. Melikian-Chirvani; vol. 11

Eastern Iranian Epic Traditions III: Zarathustra and Diomedes--an Indo-European Epic Warrior Type
Prods Oktor Skjærvø; vol. 11

A Future for Gathic Studies? The Ancient Iranian Poet and His Poetry
Prods Oktor Skjærvø; vol. 11

The Religious Factor in Byzantine-Iranian Relations
David Frendo; vol. 11

The Sasanian Complex at Bandian: Palace or Dynastic Shrine
Guitty Azarpay; vol. 11

Reflections on the Origins of Indian Stone Architecture
John Boardman; vol. 12

Contacts au fil des siècles entre les littératures grecque, iranienne et turciques
Pierre Chuvin; vol. 12

Xerxès, Priam et Zoroastre
Gherardo Gnoli; vol. 12

Le cortège des "rois de Babylone"
Paul Goukowsky; vol. 12

Rostam and Herakles, a Family Resemblance
A. S. Melikian-Chirvani; vol. 12

Un poème grec inédit trouvé à Suse
Georges Rougemont; vol. 12

On the Date of the Oxus Gold Scabbard and Other Achaemenid Matters
David Stronach; vol. 12

Les gisements miniers de  l’Azerbayjan méridional (région de Taxt-e Soleyman) et la localisation de Gazaka
Michel Tardieu; vol. 12

The Beginning of Sasanian Coinage
Michael Alram; vol. 13

Elamite Ula, Akkadian Ulaya, and Greek Choaspes: A Solution to the Eulaios Problem

Daniel T. Potts, vol. 13

Some Further Thoughts on the Bisitun Monument and the Genesis of the Old Persian Cuneiform Script
Philip Huyse, vol. 13

The Coinage of Queen Boran and Its Significance for Late Sasanian Imperial Ideology

Touraj Daryaee; vol. 13

Sa'ida-ye Gilani and the Iranian Style Jades of Hindustan

A. S. Melikian-Chirvani; vol. 13

Some 12th Century Iranian Wine Ewers and Their Poems
Abdullah Ghouchani; vol. 13

Methodological Questions in Old Persian and Parthian Epigraphy

P. O. Skjærvø; vol. 13

The Role of Allegory in the Persian Epic
A. D. H. Bivar; vol. 14

Byzantine-Iranian Relations before and after the Death of Khusrau II: A Critical Examination of the Evidence
David Frendo; vol. 14

Constantine’s Letter to Shapur II, Its Authenticity, Occasion, and Attendant Circumstances
David Frendo; vol. 15

Parthian and Hellenistic Influences on the Development of Skanda’s Cult in North India: Evidence from Kushana-Era Art and Coins

Richard Mann; vol. 15

The Red Stones of Light in Iranian Culture. I. Spinels
(with 7 color illustrations)
Assadullah Souren Melikian-Chirvani; vol. 15

Two Recently Discovered Inscribed Sasanian Silver Bowls

Daryoush Akbarzadeh, Touraj Daryaee, and Judith A. Lerner; vol. 15

The Chatri in Indian Architecture: Persian Wooden Canopies Materialised in Stone

Mehrdad Shokoohy and Natalie H. Shokoohy; vol. 15

The Iranian Painter, the Metaphorical Hermitage, and the Christian Princess
Assadullah Souren Melikian-Chirvani; vol. 16

The Shah-Name Echoes in Sikh Poetry and the Origins of the Nihangs’ Name
Assadullah Souren Melikian-Chirvani; vol. 16

Cassius Dio and Herodian on the First Sasanian Offensive against the Eastern Provinces of the Roman Empire (229–232)
David Frendo; vol. 16

How Zarathushtra Generated the Gathic Corpus: Inner-textual and Intertextual Composition
Martin Schwartz; vol. 16

An Ass for Ares
D. T. Potts; vol. 16

Analysis of Writing Materials in Middle Persian Documents
Guitty Azarpay, J. G. Barabe, K. A. Martin, and A. S. Teetsov; vol. 16

Haerinck and Overlaet. Luristan Excavation Documents. Vol. 5, The Iron Age III Graveyard at War Kabud Pusht-i Kuh, Luristan; vol. 16

Sims-Williams, ed. Indo-Iranian Languages and Peoples (Skjærvø); vol. 16

Briant and Boucharlat, eds. L’archéologie de l’empire achéménide; vol. 16

New Information on the Date and Function of the Berkeley MP Archive
Guitty Azarpay, Kathleen Martin, Martin Schwartz, and Dieter Weber; vol. 17

Roman Expansion and the Graeco-Iranian World: Carrhae, Its Explanation and Aftermath in Plutarch
David Frendo; vol. 17

The Arabic Paper Fragments from Berkeley
Geoffrey Khan; vol. 17

On Demetrios II's Arsacid Captivity and Second Rule
Rahim Shayegan; vol. 17

Women in the Old Avesta: Social Position and Textual Composition
Martin Schwartz; vol. 17

Haerinck [and Overlaet] Luristan Excavation Documents. Vol. 6, An Early Bronze Age Graveyard in Pusht-i Kuh, Luristan (Muscarella); vol. 17

Agathias’ View of the Intellectual Attainments of Khusrau I: A Reconsideration of the Evidence
David Frendo; vol. 18

On the Rationale behind the Roman Wars of Sabuhr II the Great
Rahim Shayegan; vol. 18

Minuscula Pahlavica (Pahlavi Notes)
Dieter Weber; vol. 18

More on harka and *harkapati-
Martin Schwartz; vol. 18

A Triplet of Manichean Middle Iranian Studies
Prods Oktor Skjærvø; vol. 18

Ernie Haerinck [and Overlaet]. Luristan Excavation Documents. Vol. 7, The Kalleh Nisar Bronze Age Graveyard in Pusht-i-Kuh, Luristan (Muscarella); vol. 18

Callieri. L’archéologie du Fars à l’époque hellénistique (Lerner); vol. 18

The Other in the Mirror: Iranians and Jews View One Another. Questions of Identity, Conversion, and Exogamy in the Fifth-Century Iranian Empire. Part One
Yaakov Elman; vol. 19

Church and State in Iranian History
Richard N. Frye; vol. 19

Vahrām III (293) and the Rock Relief of Naqsh-i Rustam II:
A Contribution to the Iconography of Sasanian Crown Princes in the Third Century

Rika Gyselen; vol. 19

From Earth to Heaven: Speculations on the Significance of the Form of the Achaemenid Censer
Prudence O. Harper; vol. 19

An Alan Seal
Judith A. Lerner; vol. 19

The Hērbedestān as a Legal Source: A Section on the Inheritance of a Convert to Zoroastrianism
Maria Macuch; vol. 19

Sheep, Wheat, and Wine: An Achaemenian Antecedent of the Sasanian Sacrifices pad ruwān
Antonio Panaino; vol. 19

Apollo and Khshathrapati, the Median Nergal, at Xanthos
Martin Schwartz; vol. 19

Studying with a Magus/Like Giving a Tongue to a Wolf
Shai Secunda; vol. 19

Nugae Epigraphicae
M. Rahim Shayegan; vol. 19

A Pahlavi Papyrus from Islamic Times
Dieter Weber; vol. 19

The Other in the Mirror: Questions of Identity, Conversion, and Exogamy in the Fifth-Century Iranian Empire. Part Two
Yaakov Elman; vol. 20

Emending a Name: Theophylact Simocatta’s Version of the Correspondence between Khusrau II and Bahram Chobin
David Frendo; vol. 20

Iranian Gods in Hindu Garb: The Zoroastrian Pantheon of the Bactrians and Sogdians, Second–Eighth Centuries
Frantz Grenet; vol. 20

Bardiya and Gautama: An Achaemenid Enigma Reconsidered
M. Rahim Shayegan; vol. 20

Aramaic Loan-words in Middle Persian
Shaul Shaked; vol. 20

Two Pahlavi Letters from the Time of Hormizd V (A.D. 631–632)
Dieter Weber; vol. 20

The Two Versions of the Achaemenid Throne
Farrokh Saidi; vol. 20

Bird-Priests in Central Asian Tombs of 6th-Century China and Their Significance in the Funerary Realm
Penélopé Riboud; vol. 21

Gāndhārī in the Worlds of India, Iran, and Central Asia
Richard Salomon; vol. 21

Dangerous Ideas: Julian’s Persian Campaign, Its Historical Background, Motivation, and Objectives
David Frendo; vol. 21

Cataphractus and kamāndār: Some Thoughts on the Dynamic Evolution of Heavy Cavalry and Mounted Archers in Iran and Central Asia
D. T. Potts; vol. 21

Prosopographical Notes: The Iranian Nobility during and after the Macedonian Conquest
M. Rahim Shayegan; vol. 21

Some Bactrian Terms for Realia
Nicholas Sims-Williams; vol. 21

The Zoroastrian Towers of Silence in the ex-Portuguese Colony of Diu
Mehrdad Shokoohy; vol. 21

Lurje. Personal Names in Sogdian Texts. R. Schmitt, H. Eichner, B. G. Fragner, and V. Sadovski, eds., Iranisches Personennamenbuch, Bd. 2, Fasc. 8
(Yoshida); vol. 21

A Note on the Hasanlu Bowl as Structural Network: Mitanni-Arya and Hurrian?
Henri-Paul Francfort; vol. 22

Religious Minorities and Religious Dissent in the Byzantine and Sasanian Empires (590–641): Sources for the Historical Background
David Frendo; vol. 22

Mary Boyce's Legacy for the Archaeologists
Frantz Grenet; vol. 22

Regional Variation in Zoroastrianism: The Case of the Parthians
Albert de Jong; vol. 22

On the Construction of Zoroastrianism in Western Iran
Philip Kreyenbroek; vol. 22

Remarks on the Paintings from the Buddhist Monastery of Fayaz Tepe (Southern Uzbekistan)
Ciro Lo Muzio; vol. 22

Magic Mountains, Milky Seas, Dragon Slayers, and Other Zoroastrian Archetypes
James R. Russell; vol. 22

New Arguments for Dating the Documents from the "Pahlavi Archive"
Dieter Weber; vol. 22

The Re-placement of Zoroastrian Iran: A New Reading of the Persian Qesse-ye Sanjan of Bahman Key Qobad Sanjana (1599)
Alan Williams; vol. 22

An Indo-Iranian Priestly Title Lurking in the Rig Veda? An Indic Equivalent to Avestan karapan
Stephanie Jamison; vol. 23

Sārtha- and Other Caravan Words
Martin Schwartz; vol. 23

Some Bactrian Inscriptions on Silver Vessels
Nicholas Sims-Williams; vol. 23

Encountering a Beautiful Maiden: On the Zoroastrian dēn in Comparison with Dante’s Beatrice
Domenico Agostini; vol. 24

Sovereignty, Control, and Co-existence in Byzantine-Iranian Relations: An Overview
David Frendo; vol. 24

The Epic of Farāmarz in the Panjikent Paintings
Michael Shenkar; vol. 24

Gnosis and Deliverance: Werner Sundermann's "Speech of the Living Soul"
Prods Oktor Skjærvø; vol. 24

Solomon at Pasargadae: Some New Perspectives
David Stronach; vol. 24

Villages and Estates in the Documents from the Pahlavi Archive: The Geographical Background
Dieter Weber; vol. 24

Samra Azarnouche, ed. and trans. Husraw ī Kawādān-ē ud Rēdag-ē: Khosrow fils de Kawād et un page (Jenny Rose) vol. 24

Domenico Agostini, Ayādgār ī Jāmāspīg: Un texte eschatologique zoroastrien (Daniel Sheffield) vol. 24

Florence Jullien, ed. Eastern Christianity: A Crossroads of Cultures (David Frendo) vol. 24

“The Sabbath Was Made for Humankind:” A Rabbinic and Christian Principle in Its Iranian Context
Yishai Kiel and Prods Oktor Skjærvø; vol. 25

Avestan xšuuīd: A Relic of Indo-Iranian Ritual Vocabulary
Stephanie W. Jamison; vol. 25

Testing Food and Garment for the Ōstāndār: Two Unpublished Documents from the Pahlavi Archive in Berkeley, CA
Dieter Weber; vol. 25

La révolte des chrétiens au Hūzestān (551): modèles narratifs d’une historiographie
C. Jullien; vol. 25

Studies in Some Documents from the “Pahlavi Archive”
Dieter Weber; vol. 26

Pahlavi = Adiantum capillus-veneris L.: Ethnobotany, Etymology, and Iranian Cultural History
Martin Schwartz; vol. 26

An Early Judeo-Persian Letter Sent from Ghazna to Bāmiyān (Ms. Heb. 4°8333.29)
Ofir Haim; vol. 26

Alexander’s Anti-Persian Rhetoric and the Destruction of the Achaemenid Empire: A Re-examination of the Sources
David Frendo; vol. 26

Shahyar Adle (1944–2015)
Ali Mousavi; vol. 26

Shayegan. Aspects of History and Epic in Ancient Iran: From Gaumāta to Wahnām
(Brosius); vol. 26

C. Jullien, ed. Husraw Ier: Reconstructions d’un règne. Sources et documents
(Choksy and Dubeansky); vol. 26

PV 5.1–4 in the Context of Late Antique Intellectual History
Yaakov Elman and Mahnaz Moazami; vol. 27

Sasanian Seals of Priests
Domenico Agostini and Shaul Shaked; vol. 27

Achaemenid Elamite dayāuš (~ Old Persian dahyāu̯-š)
Salman Aliyari Babolghani; vol. 27

Accountancy of a Zoroastrian Craftsman in Early Islamic Times (662–664 CE)
Dieter Weber; vol. 27

"Lost Property to the King!": The Talmudic Laws of Lost Property in the Shadow of Sasanian Bureaucracy
Shai Secunda; vol. 28

Pahlavi Documents of Windādburzmihrābād, the Estate of a Zoroastrian Entrepreneur in Early Islamic Times (With an Excursus on the Origin of the Fulanabad-Type of Village Names)
Dieter Weber; vol. 28

Homeric Scenes in Bactria and India: Two Silver Plates with Bactrian and Middle Persian Inscriptions
Anca Dan, Frantz Grenet and Nicholas Sims-Williams; vol. 28

The Pahlavi Optative and Some Feminine Forms in īy
Prods Oktor Skjærvø; vol. 28

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