A Gandharan Blessing
Martha L. Carter; vol. 1

The Indo-Parthian Beginnings of Gandhara Sculpture
Chantal Fabrègues; vol. 1

Die Numismatik als Quelle zur Kunst der Sasaniden, der Kushan und der iranischen Hunnen
Robert Göbl; vol. 1

A Kushan Scabbard Slide from Afghanistan
William Trousdale; vol. 2

The Putto and Garland in Asia
Carol Altman Bromberg; vol. 2

Siva as Dispenser of Royal Glory on Kushan Coins
Pratapaditya Pal; vol. 2

The Celestial Chariot East and West
Bernard Goldman; vol. 2

Early Sasanian and Kushano-Sasanian Coinage from Merv
Martha L. Carter; vol. 4

A Kharosthi Inscription on a Silver Goblet
Richard Salomon, with Bernard Goldman; vol. 4

Buddhist Monuments of Central Asia and the Sasanians
B. J. Stavisky; vol. 4

But What Is the Music? Musings on the Musicians at Buner
Bruno Nettl; vol. 5

An Iranian Gesture at Miran
Carol Altman Bromberg; vol. 5

A Scythian Royal Legend from Ancient Uddiyana
Martha L. Carter; vol. 6

In Search of  Pa-lu-sha, a City of the Central Gandhara Plain
Elizabeth Errington; vol. 7

Bamiyan and the  Mihr Yasht
Frantz Grenet; vol. 7

Ancient Gold Coins from Afghanistan in the Schwarz Collection at the American Numismatic Society
Martha L. Carter; vol. 7

OESHO or Shiva
Martha L. Carter; vol. 9

New Buddhist Sculpture from Kara-tepe
Tigran Mkrtychev; vol. 9

A Jataka Tale on a Sasanian Silver Plate
Guitty Azarpay; vol. 9

Qara-Tepe in Old Termez: On the History of the Monument
B. Staviskii and T. Mkrtychev; vol. 10

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Andrew Topsfield; vol. 10

Two New Kharosthi Inscriptions
Richard Salomon; vol. 14

The Walking Tilya Tepe Buddha: A Lost Prototype
Robert L. Brown; vol. 14

Parthian and Hellenistic Influences on the Development of Skanda’s Cult in North India: Evidence from Kushana-Era Art and Coins

Richard Mann; vol. 15

The Chatri in Indian Architecture: Persian Wooden Canopies Materialised in Stone
Mehrdad Shokoohy and Natalie H. Shokoohy; vol. 15

The Shah-Name Echoes in Sikh Poetry and the Origins of the Nihangs’ Name
Assadullah Souren Melikian-Chirvani; vol. 16

The Iranian Painter, the Metaphorical Hermitage, and the Christian Princess
Assadullah Souren Melikian-Chirvani; vol. 16

The Feminization of the Sarnath Gupta-Period Buddha Images
Robert L. Brown;  vol. 16

La Vieille Route Reconsidered: Alternative Paths for Early Transmission of Buddhism Beyond the Borderlands of South Asia
Jason Neelis; vol. 16

Sims-Williams, ed. Indo-Iranian Languages and Peoples (Skjærvø); vol. 16

The Impact of the Hun Invasions: A Nomadic Interlude in Indian Art
Madhuvanti Ghose; vol. 17

Three Hunnic Bullae from Northwest India
Michael Alram; vol. 17

von Hinüber. Die Palola Sahis: Ihre Steininschriften, Inschriften auf Bronzen, Handschriftenkolophone, und Schutzzauber. Materialen zur Geschichte von Gilgit und Chilas (Salomon); vol. 17

Prologemena to the Study of a Portable Buddhist Shrine
Pratapaditya Pal; vol. 18

Waterworks of Mediaeval Bayana, Rajasthan
Natalie H. Shokoohy; vol. 18

An Arapacana Abecedary from Kara Tepe (Termez, Uzbekistan)
Richard Salomon; vol. 18

Glass. Four Gandhari Samyuktagama Sutras: Senior Kharoshthi Fragment 5 (Boucher); vol. 18

Reflections on the Gandhara Bodhisattva Images
Pratapaditya Pal; vol. 20

Evidence of Jainism in Afghanistan and Kashmir in Ancient Times
Pratapaditya Pal; vol. 21

Architectural Cultures and Empire: The Ghurids in Northern India (ca. 1192–1210)
Alka Patel; vol. 21

The Zoroastrian Towers of Silence in the ex-Portuguese Colony of Diu
Mehrdad Shokoohy; vol. 21

Gāndhārī in the Worlds of India, Iran, and Central Asia
Richard Salomon; vol. 21

A Note on the Schøyen Copper Scroll: Bactrian or Indian?
Étienne de la Vaissière; vol. 21

Lenz. Gandhāran Avadānas: British Library Kharoshthi Fragments 1–3 and 21 and Supplementary Fragments A–C (Yost); vol. 21

Pal. The Elegant Image: Bronzes from the Indian Subcontinent in the Siddharth K. Bhansali Collection (Stadtner); vol. 21

Mary Boyce's Legacy for the Archaeologists
Frantz Grenet; vol. 22

Remarks on the Paintings from the Buddhist Monastery of Fayaz Tepe (Southern Uzbekistan)
Ciro Lo Muzio; vol. 22

The Re-placement of Zoroastrian Iran: A New Reading of the Persian Qesse-ye Sanjan of Bahman Key Qobad Sanjana (1599)
Alan Williams; vol. 22

A Gāndhārī Version of the Story of the Merchants Tapussa and Bhallika
Mark Allon; vol. 23

Inscribed Buddhist Tablets from Merv
Stefan Baums; vol. 23

What Do We Mean by "Early" in the Study of the Early Mahāyāna—and Should We Care?
Daniel Boucher; vol. 23

Telling the Story in Art of the Monkey’s Gift of Honey to the Buddha
Robert L. Brown; vol. 23

What’s in a Name? School Affiliation in an Early Buddhist Gāndhārī Manuscript
Collett Cox; vol. 23

Making Wine in Gandhara under Buddhist Monastic Supervision
Harry Falk; vol. 23

Andrew Glass; vol. 23

Verses by Śāntideva in the Śikṣāsamuccaya: A New English Translation
Paul Harrison; vol. 23

The Foolish Cat and the Clever Mouse: Another Parable from an Unknown Story Collection
Jens-Uwe Hartmann; vol. 23

On Amitābha, Amitāyu(s), Sukhāvatī and the Amitābhavyūha
Seishi Karashima; vol. 23

Gandhāra and the Greeks
Klaus Karttunen; vol. 23

Ephemeral Dharma; Magical Hope
Timothy Lenz; vol. 23

A Note on the Etymology of Gandhāra
Abdur Rehman; vol. 23

The Garuḍa and the Nāgī/Nāga in the Headdresses of Gandhāran Bodhisattvas: Locating Textual Parallels
Juhyung Rhi; vol. 23

Indian Epigraphy and the Asiatic Society: The First Fifty Years
Ludo Rocher and Rosanne Rocher; vol. 23

Regional Languages and the Law in Some Early North Indian Buddhist Monasteries and Convents
Gregory Schopen; vol. 23

The Nature of the Verses of the Kāśyapaparivarta
Jonathan Silk; vol. 23

Prakrit Prajñāpāramitās: Northwest, South, and Center: Gleanings from Avalokitavrata and Haribhadra
Peter Skilling; vol. 23

Inscribed Objects from Greater Gandhāra
Ingo Strauch; vol. 23

Avalokiteśvara of the Six Syllables: Locating the Practice of the "Great Vehicle" in the Landscape of Central India
Michael Willis; vol. 23

Jongeward, Errington, Salomon, and Baums. Gandharan Buddhist Reliquaries.
Gandharan Studies, vol. 1 (Neelis); vol. 23

Libation Trays from Gandhara
Harry Falk; vol. 24

Maitreya and the Yūpa: Some Gandharan Reliefs
Phyllis Granoff; vol. 24

Silk, Buddhism and Early Khotanese Chronology: A Note on the Prophecy of the Li Country
Étienne de la Vaissière; vol. 24

A Bronze Tub with a Brāhmī Inscription from Swat
Harry Falk; vol. 25

Stūpas, Aśoka and Buddhist Nuns: Early Buddhism in Ujjain and Malwa
Peter Skilling; vol. 25

“Buddhist” Metalware from Gandhara
Harry Falk; vol. 26

Falk, ed. Kushan Histories: Literary Sources and Selected Papers from a Symposium at Berlin, December 5 to 7, 2013
(Bromberg); vol. 26

The Ashes of the Buddha
Harry Falk; vol. 27

Śrāvakas, Buddhas, and the Buddha’s Father: Inscribed Artefacts in the U Thong National Museum
Peter Skilling; vol. 27

Rock Paintings Depicting Stupas in Gujarat, India
V. H. Sonowane; vol. 27

The Five Yabghus of the Yuezhi
Harry Falk; vol. 28

THomeric Scenes in Bactria and India: Two Silver Plates with Bactrian and Middle Persian Inscriptions
Anca Dan, Frantz Grenet and Nicholas Sims-Williams; vol. 28

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