A Gandharan Blessing
Martha L. Carter; vol. 1

Die Numismatik als Quelle zur Kunst der Sasaniden, der Kushan und der iranischen Hunnen
Robert Göbl; vol. 1

A Sasanian Silver Plate with a Leopard Hunt
Katsumi Tanabe; vol. 1

Ancient Coins as Evidence for the History of Art
Bluma L. Trell; vol. 2

Siva as Dispenser of Royal Glory on Kushan Coins
Pratapaditya Pal; vol. 2

Sacral Kingship in Sasanian Iran
Jamsheed K. Choksy; vol. 2

L'émission monétaire inédite d'un rebelle en A.H. 350
Malek Iradj Mochiri; vol. 4

Early Sasanian and Kushano-Sasanian Coinage from Merv
Martha L. Carter; vol. 4

Gesture in Ancient Iran and Central Asia II: Proskynesis and the Bent Forefinger
Jamsheed K. Choksy; vol. 4

Glyptica Iranica
A. D. H. Bivar; vol. 4

Miscellanea Sasanidica
Philippe Gignoux; vol. 4

The Snake-Man in the Art of Bronze Age Bactria
G. Azarpay; vol. 5

The Coinage of Phseigakharis
Edvard Rtveladze; vol. 6

A Seal-Amulet of the Sasanian Era: Imagery and Typology, the Inscription, and Technical Comments
P. O. Harper, P. O. Skjærvø, L. Gorelick, and A. J. Gwinnett; vol. 6

Notes on the Pahlavi Amulet and Sasanian Courts of Law
Shaul Shaked; vol. 7

A Sassanian Iconography of the Den
Gherardo Gnoli; vol. 7

Ancient Gold Coins from Afghanistan in the Schwarz Collection at the American Numismatic Society
Martha L. Carter; vol. 7

Kampyr-Tepe: Structure, Written Documents, and Coins
E. V. Rtveladze; vol. 8

The Circulation of Coins in Early Medieval Central Asia
E. V. Zeimal'; vol. 8

Aegean-Anatolian Motifs in the Glyptic Art of Bactria and Margiana
V. I. Sarianidi; vol. 8

Pangul, a Turco-Bactrian Ruler
Helmut Humbach; vol. 10

Parthian Coins from Margiana: Numismatics and History
S. D. Loginov and A. B. Nikitin; vol. 10

Fifty Years of Archaeological Exploration in Panjikent
V. G. Shkoda; vol. 10

Portraits of Seleucid Kings on the Sealings from Seleucia-on-the-Tigris:
A Reassessment

Antonio Invernizzi; vol. 12

Antimène de Rhodes à Babylone
Georges Le Rider; vol. 12

An Inscribed Seal of Indravarma, King of Avaca
Richard Salomon, Pierfrancesco Callieri, and Simon Schmitt;  vol. 13

The Beginning of Sasanian Coinage
Michael Alram; vol. 13

The Coinage of Queen Boran and Its Significance for Late Sasanian Imperial Ideology
Touraj Daryaee;  vol. 13

Sogdian Sanak, a Manichaean Bishop of the 5th–Early 6th Century
V. A. Livshits; vol. 14

Parthian and Hellenistic Influences on the Development of Skanda’s Cult in North India: Evidence from Kusana-Era Art and Coins
Richard Mann; vol. 15

The “Late Neo-Elamite” Glyptic Style: A Perspective from Fars
Mark B. Garrison; vol. 16

Images du combat contre le sanglier en Asie centrale (3ème au 1er millénaire av. J.-C.)
Henri-Paul Francfort; vol. 16

Analysis of Writing Materials in Middle Persian Documents
Guitty Azarpay, J. G. Barabe, K. A. Martin, and A. S. Teetsov; vol. 16

Coins from Gharwal (Afghanistan)
Klaus Vondrovec; vol. 17

Three Hunnic Bullae from Northwest India
Michael Alram; vol. 17

A Reflection of the Hephtalite Empire: The Biographical Narrative in the Reliefs of the Tomb of the Sabao Wirkak (494–579)
Frantz Grenet and Pénélope Riboud; vol. 17

A Bactrian Quarrel
Nicholas Sims-Williams; vol. 17

New Information on the Date and Function of the Berkeley MP Archive
Guitty Azarpay, Kathleen Martin, Martin Schwartz, and Dieter Weber; vol. 17

Is There a ‘Nationality’ of the Hephtalites?
Étienne de la Vaissière; vol. 17

Vahrām III (293) and the Rock Relief of Naqsh-i Rustam II:
A Contribution to the Iconography of Sasanian Crown Princes in the Third Century

Rika Gyselen; vol. 19

An Alan Seal
Judith A. Lerner; vol. 19

Iranian Gods in Hindu Garb: The Zoroastrian Pantheon of the Bactrians and Sogdians, Second–Eighth Centuries
Frantz Grenet; vol. 20

The Prophet’s Seal: A Contextualized Look at the Crystal Sealstone of Mani (216–276 C.E.) in the Bibliothèque nationale de France
Zsuzsanna Gulácsi; vol. 24

Stūpas, Aśoka and Buddhist Nuns: Early Buddhism in Ujjain and Malwa
Peter Skilling; vol. 25

Sasanian Seals of Priests
Domenico Agostini and Shaul Shaked; vol. 27

The Ashes of the Buddha
Harry Falk; vol. 27

Śrāvakas, Buddhas, and the Buddha’s Father: Inscribed Artefacts in the U Thong National Museum
Peter Skilling; vol. 27

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