China and the Altai
John F. Haskins; vol. 2

Notes on the Silver Ewer from the Tomb of Li Xian
Wu Zhuo; vol. 3

Commentary on the Li Xian Silver Ewer
Alexandra Carpino and Jean M. James; vol. 3

An Iranian Silver Vessel from the Tomb of Feng Hetu

Prudence O. Harper; vol. 4

Introduction to "China and the West"
Ellen Johnston Laing; vol. 5

A Report on Western Asian Glassware in the Far East

Ellen Johnston Laing; vol. 5

Dated Islamic Glass in China
An Jiayao; vol. 5

Central Asian Silver and Its Influence on Chinese Ceramics
Jessica Rawson; vol. 5

Late Thirteenth–Century Persian Tilework and Chinese Textiles
Yolande Crowe; vol. 5

Foreign Jewelry in Ancient China
Victor Cunrui Xiong and Ellen Johnston Laing; vol. 5

Stratified Finds of Chinese Porcelains from Pre–Mongol Samarkand (Afrasiab)
Ludmila Sokolovskaia and Axelle Rougeulle; vol. 6

Significant Changes in Iconography and Technology among Ancient China's Northwestern Pastoral Neighbors from the Fourth to the First Century B.C.
Emma C. Bunker; vol. 6

Recent Finds of Western–Related Glassware, Textiles, and Metalwork in Central Asia and China
Ellen Johnston Laing; vol. 9

Turquoise Jars and Other West Asian Ceramics in China
Chuimei Ho; vol. 9

The Last Refuge of the Sogdian Religion: Dunhuang in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries
Frantz Grenet and Zhang Guangda; vol. 10

The Sogdian Dhuta Text and Its Chinese Original
Yutaka Yoshida; vol. 10

Lerner, “Les Sogdiens en Chine—Nouvelles découvertes historiques, archéologiques et linguistiques” and Two Recently Discovered Sogdian Tombs in Xi’an; vol. 15

The Silk Road: Trade, Travel, War and Faith
Ursula Sims-Williams; vol. 15

An Account Tablet from Eighth-Century Khotan
Prods Oktor Skjærvø; vol. 15

Schorta, ed. Central Asian Textiles and Their Contexts in the Early Middle Ages (Bromberg); vol. 16

Observations Concerning the Tomb of Master Shi
Albert E. Dien; vol. 17

A Reflection of the Hephtalite Empire: The Biographical Narrative in the Reliefs of the Tomb of the Sabao Wirkak (494–579)
Frantz Grenet and Pénélope Riboud; vol. 17

de la Vaissière and Trombert. Les Sogdiens in Chine (Bromberg); vol. 17

Bird-Priests in Central Asian Tombs of 6th-Century China and Their Significance in the Funerary Realm
Penélopé Riboud; vol. 21

The Religion of Wirkak and Wiyusi: The Zoroastrian Iconographic Program on a Sogdian Sarcophagus from Sixth-Century X’ian
Zsuzsanna Gulácsi and Jason BeDuhn; vol. 26

More Zoroastrian Scenes on the Wirkak (Shi Jun) Sarcophagus
Frantz Grenet; vol. 27

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