Central Asia

British Museum "Axe" No. 123268: A Bactrian Bronze
Rachel Maxwell-Hyslop; vol. 1

The Saka Haumavarga and the Amyrgioi
A. K. Narain; vol. 1

"A Person of Desperate Fortunes": On the Evaluation of Historical Sources
William Trousdale; vol. 1

"Parthian" Monuments in Transcaucasia and Central Asia
Burchard Brentjes; vol. 2

The Putto and Garland in Asia
Carol Altman Bromberg; vol. 2

Incised Bones and a Ceremonial Belt: Finds from Kurgan-Tepe and Tillia-Tepe
Burchard Brentjes; vol. 3

The Terra-Cotta Horses of Bactria-Tokharistan
G. A. Pugachenkova; vol. 3

Mansur-depe Excavations
G. Koshelenko, A. Lapshin, and S. Novikov; vol. 3

Zoomorphic Capitals in Central Asia and Transcaucasia
Boris Stavisky; vol. 3

V. Gaibov, G. Koshelenko, and S. Novikov; vol. 4

The Architecture and Art of Kafyr Kala (Early Medieval Tokharistan)
Boris Litvinsky and Viktor Solov'ev; vol. 4

A Hunting Scene from Panjikent
B. I. Marshak and V. I. Raspopova; vol. 4

Togolok 21, an Indo-Iranian Temple in the Karakum
V. I. Sarianidi; vol. 4

Buddhist Monuments of Central Asia and the Sasanians
B. J. Stavisky; vol. 4

Gesture in Ancient Iran and Central Asia II: Proskynesis and the Bent Forefinger
Jamsheed K. Choksy; vol. 4

The Snake-Man in the Art of Bronze Age Bactria
G. Azarpay; vol. 5

Gold from Tillia-tepe
G. A. Pugachenkova and L. I. Rempel; vol. 5

An Iranian Gesture at Miran
Carol Altman Bromberg; vol. 5

Central Asian Silver and Its Influence on Chinese Ceramics
Jessica Rawson; vol. 5

The Central Asian Square in a Circle Plan
B. Brentjes; vol. 5

Book-Painting in Transoxiana during the Timurid Period
B. W. Robinson; vol. 5

Stratified Finds of Chinese Porcelains from Pre-Mongol Samarkand (Afrasiab)
Ludmila Sokolovskaia and Axelle Rougeulle; vol. 6

Significant Changes in Iconography and Technology among Ancient China's Northwestern Pastoral Neighbors from the Fourth to First Century B.C.
Emma C. Bunker; vol. 6

Pazyryk Chronology and Early Horse Nomads Reconsidered
Fredrik T. Hiebert; vol. 6

Sasanian-Central Asian Trade Relations
Richard N. Frye; vol. 7

Bamiyan and the Mihr Yasht
Frantz Grenet; vol. 7

Intercultural Style "Weights"
Oscar White Muscarella; vol. 7

Sarazm: An Agricultural Center of Ancient Sogdiana
A. I. Isakov; vol. 8

The "Palace," Temple, and Necropolis of Jarkutan
A. Askarov and T. Shirinov; vol. 8

Aegean-Anatolian Motifs in the Glyptic Art of Bactria and Margiana
V. I. Sarianidi; vol. 8

The Ethnic History of the Sakas
I. V. P'iankov; vol. 8

The Hellenistic Architecture and Art of the Temple of the Oxus
B. A. Litvinskii and I. R. Pichikian; vol. 8

The Kalali-Gir 2 Ritual Center in Ancient Khwarazm
B. I. Vainberg; vol. 8

Ancient Samarkand: Capital of Soghd
G. V. Shishkina; vol. 8

Excavations of Staraia Nisa
V. N. Pilipko; vol. 8

Materials for an Archaeological Map of the Merv Oasis: The Durnali Region
A. Bader, V. Gaibov, and G. Koshelenko; vol. 8

Old Indian Kapala in a Bactrian Inscription from Qara-Tepe
V. A. Livshits and V. G. Shkoda; vol. 8

Kampir-Tepe: Structures, Written Documents, and Coins
E. V. Rtveladze; vol. 8

The Fortification of Kampir-Tepe: A Reconstruction
D. V. Rusanov; vol. 8

The Palaces of Topraq-Qal'a
IU. A. Rapoport; vol. 8

Worshipers from the Northern Shrine of Temple II, Panjikent
B. I. Marshak and V. I. Raspopova; vol. 8

Sogdian Ossuaries
L. V. Pavchinskaia; vol. 8

The Form and Style of Sogdian Ossuaries
G. A. Pugachenkova; vol. 8

The Circulation of Coins in Central Asia during the Early Medieval Period
E. V. Zeimal'; vol. 8

Les pétroglyphes de Tamgaly
H.-P. Francfort et al.; vol. 9

New Buddhist Sculpture from Kara-tepe
Tigran Mkrtychev; vol. 9

Recent Finds of Western-Related Glassware, Textiles, and Metalwork in Central Asia and China
Ellen Johnston Laing; vol. 9

A Jataka Tale on a Sasanian Silver Plate
Guitty Azarpay; vol. 9

The Last Refuge of the Sogdian Religion: Dunhuang in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries
Frantz Grenet and Zhang Guangda; vol. 10

Pangul, a Turco-Bactrian Ruler
Helmut Humbach; vol. 10

Old Nisa and the Art of the Steppes
Antonio Invernizzi; vol. 10

Parthian Coins from Margiana: Numismatics and History
S. D. Loginov and A. B. Nikitin; vol. 10

Khwarezmian Enigma Variations
D. N. MacKenzie; vol. 10

The Tiger, Raised from the Dead: Two Murals from Panjikent
B. I. Marshak; vol. 10

Fifty Years of Archaeological Exploration in Panjikent
V. G. Shkoda; vol. 10

The Sogdian Temple: Structure and Rituals
V. G. Shkoda; vol. 10

The Bactrian Calendar
Nicholas Sims-Williams and François de Blois; vol. 10

Qara-Tepe in Old Termez: On the History of the Monument
B. Staviskii and T. Mkrtychev; vol. 10

The Sogdian Dhuta Text and Its Chinese Original
Yutaka Yoshida; vol. 10

New US-Uzbek Collaborative Archaeological Project in Uzbekistan
Sanjyot Mehendale; vol. 11

Bilan de la campagne 1997 de la MAFOuz de Bactriane
P. Leriche, Sh. Pidaæv, K. Abdullaev et P. Gentelle; vol. 11

A Faience Head of a Graeco-Bactrian King  from Ai Khanum
Osmund Bopearachchi; vol. 12                   

De l'art des steppes au sud du Taklamakan
Henri-Paul Francfort; vol. 12   

Alexander, Aï Khanum, Termez: Remarks on the Spring Campaign of 328
Frantz Grenet and Claude Rapin; vol. 12   

Un Harpocrate bactrien
G. Lecuyot; vol. 12    

The Sogdian  Ancient Letter V
Frantz Grenet,  Nicholas Sims-Williams, and Etienne de la Vaissière; vol. 12

Les Grecs, les Nomades et l’indépendance de la Sogdiane, d’après l’occupation
comparée d’Aï Khanoum et de Marakanda  au cours des derniers siècles avant
notre ère

B. Lyonnet; vol. 12    

Les trouvailles dans la chapelle nord-ouest du Temple II de Pendjikent. A propos
de l'héritage classique dans l'art sogdien

Boris I. Marshak et Valentina I. Raspopova; vol. 12

L'incomprehensible Asie centrale de la carte de Ptolémée. Propositions pour un

Claude Rapin; vol. 12

On the Date of the Oxus Gold Scabbard and Other Achaemenid Matters
David Stronach; vol. 12

Recent Khotanese Ghostwords
P. O. Skjærvø, vol. 13

A Stone Inscription in Central Asian Gandhari from Endere (Xinjiang)
Richard Salomon, vol. 13

An Inscribed Seal of Indravarma, King of Avaca
Richard Salomon, Pierfrancesco Callieri, and Simon Schmitt, vol. 13

Sogdian Sanak, a Manichaean Bishop of the 5th–Early 6th Century
V. A. Livshits, vol. 14

The Walking Tilya Tepe Buddha: A Lost Prototype
Robert L. Brown, vol. 14

Forgeries from Chinese Turkestan in the British Library’s Hoernle and Stein Collections
Ursula Sims-Williams, vol. 14

Recent Archaeological Work on the Golden Horde
J. M. Rogers, vol. 14

The UNESCO International Symposium on the Silk Roads 2002
Judith A. Lerner, vol. 14

An Account Tablet from Eighth-Century Khotan
Prods Oktor Skjærvø, vol. 15

Bactrian Legal Documents from 7th- and 8th-Century Gugzan
Nicholas Sims-Williams, vol. 15

“Les Sogdiens en Chine—Nouvelles découvertes historiques, archéologiques et linguistiques”
and Two Recently Discovered Sogdian Tombs in Xi’an
Judith A. Lerner, vol. 15

The Silk Road: Trade, Travel, War and Faith

Ursula Sims-Williams, vol. 15

The Kingdom of Khotan to AD 1000: A Meeting of Cultures
Ursula Sims-Williams, vol. 15

Images du combat contre le sanglier en Asie centrale (3ème au 1er millénaire av. J.-C.)
Henri-Paul Francfort; vol. 16

La Vieille Route Reconsidered: Alternative Paths for Early Transmission of Buddhism Beyond the Borderlands of South Asia
Jason Neelis; vol. 16

Sims-Williams, ed. Indo-Iranian Languages and Peoples; vol. 16

Schorta, ed. Central Asian Textiles and Their Contexts in the Early Middle Ages; vol. 16

Briant and Boucharlat, eds. L’archéologie de l’empire achéménide; vol. 16

Observations Concerning the Tomb of Master Shi
Albert E. Dien; vol. 17

A Reflection of the Hephtalite Empire: The Biographical Narrative in the Reliefs of the Tomb of the Sabao Wirkak (494–579)
Frantz Grenet and Pénélope Riboud; vol. 17

Costume of the Samarkand Region of Sogdiana between the 2nd/1st Century B.C.E. and the 4th Century C.E.
Fiona J. Kidd; vol. 17

A Bactrian Quarrel
Nicholas Sims-Williams; vol. 17

Coins from Gharwal (Afghanistan)
Klaus Vondrovec; vol. 17

A Reflection of the Hephtalite Empire: The Biographical Narrative in the Reliefs of the Tomb of the Sabao Wirkak (494–579)
Frantz Grenet and Pénélope Riboud; vol. 17

Is There a ‘Nationality’ of the Hephtalites?
Étienne de la Vaissière; vol. 17

de la Vaissière and Trombert. Les Sogdiens in Chine (Bromberg); vol. 17

Shaked. Le satrape de Bactriane et son gouverneur: Documents araméens du IVe s. avant notre ère provenant de Bactriane (Waghmar); vol. 17

Ancient Chorasmian Mural Art
F. Kidd, M. Negus Cleary, V. N. Yagodin, A. Betts, and E. Baker Brite; vol. 18 An Arapacana Abecedary from Kara Tepe (Termez, Uzbekistan)
Richard Salomon; vol. 18

The Bactrian Inscription of Rabatak: A New Reading
Nicholas Sims-Williams; vol. 18

“Mulberry” in Khotanese: A New Khotanese Loan Deed in the Hetian Museum
Duan Qing; vol. 19

The Tribute Trade with Khotan in Light of Materials found at the Dunhuang Library Cave
Valerie Hansen; vol. 19

Viśa’ Śūra’s Corpse Discovered?
Yutaka Yoshida; vol. 19

Iranian Gods in Hindu Garb: The Zoroastrian Pantheon of the Bactrians and Sogdians, Second–Eighth Centuries
Frantz Grenet; vol. 20

Bird-Priests in Central Asian Tombs of 6th-Century China and Their Significance in the Funerary Realm
Penélopé Riboud; vol. 21

Where are the Sogdian Magi?
Frantz Grenet; with Samra Azarnoush; vol. 21

Evidence of Jainism in Afghanistan and Kashmir in Ancient Times
Pratapaditya Pal; vol. 21

Some Bactrian Terms for Realia
Nicholas Sims-Williams; vol. 21

Gāndhārī in the Worlds of India, Iran, and Central Asia
Richard Salomon; vol. 21

Cataphractus and kamāndār: Some Thoughts on the Dynamic Evolution of Heavy Cavalry and Mounted Archers in Iran and Central Asia
D. T. Potts; vol. 21

Lurje. Personal Names in Sogdian Texts. R. Schmitt, H. Eichner, B. G. Fragner, and V. Sadovski, eds., Iranisches Personennamenbuch, Bd. 2, Fasc. 8
(Yoshida); vol. 21

A New Discovery of Stamped Ossuaries Near Shahr-i Sabz (Uzbekistan)
Amriddin E. Berdimuradov et al.; vol. 22

A Note on the Hasanlu Bowl as Structural Network: Mitanni-Arya and Hurrian?
Henri-Paul Francfort; vol. 22

Remarks on the Paintings from the Buddhist Monastery of Fayaz Tepe (Southern Uzbekistan)
Ciro Lo Muzio; vol. 22

Aniconism in the Religious Art of Pre-Islamic Iran and Central Asia
Michael Shenkar; vol. 22

Inscribed Buddhist Tablets from Merv
Stefan Baums; vol. 23

Some Bactrian Inscriptions on Silver Vessels
Nicholas Sims-Williams; vol. 23

Sovereignty, Control, and Co-existence in Byzantine-Iranian Relations: An Overview
David Frendo; vol. 24

The Epic of Farāmarz in the Panjikent Paintings
Michael Shenkar; vol. 24

Silk, Buddhism and Early Khotanese Chronology: A Note on the Prophecy of the Li Country
Étienne de la Vaissière; vol. 24

The Central Monument of Akchakhan-kala: Fire Temple, Image Shrine or Neither? Report on the 2014 Field Season
Michele Minardi and Gairatdin Khozhaniyazov; vol. 25

Eastern Islamic Rulers and the Trade with Eastern and Inner Asia in the 10th–11th Centuries
Anya King; vol. 25

The Religion of Wirkak and Wiyusi: The Zoroastrian Iconographic Program on a Sogdian Sarcophagus from Sixth-Century X’ian
Zsuzsanna Gulácsi and Jason BeDuhn; vol. 26

An Early Judeo-Persian Letter Sent from Ghazna to Bāmiyān (Ms. Heb. 4°8333.29)
Ofir Haim; vol. 26

New Data on the Central Monument of Akchakhan-kala
Michele Minardi; vol. 26

Hill. Through the Jade Gate—China to Rome. A Study of the Silk Routes 1st to 2nd Centuries CE
(Dien); vol. 26

Baumer. The History of Central Asia: The Age of the Silk Roads
(Rose); vol. 26

Whitfield. Life along the Silk Road
(Rose); vol. 26

Sasanian Seals of Priests
Domenico Agostini and Shaul Shaked; vol. 27

A Bactrian Document of the Fifth Century c.e.
Nicholas Sims-Williams; vol. 27

Kings of Khotan during the Tang Dynasty
Zhang Zhan; vol. 27

Secular Khotanese Documents and the Administrative System in Khotan
Zhang Zhan; vol. 28

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