Salman Aliyari Babolghani, What Was the Instrument That Zurwān Bestowed on Ahreman in the Wizīdagīhā ī Zādspram 1.29; 34.35?

In the last passages of the first chapter of the Pahlavi text Wizīdagīhā ī Zādspram, as well as the passage 34.35, we are informed that before Ahreman's onslaught on the material creation of Ohrmazd at the end of the second cosmic three-millennium period, Zurwān carried forth to Ahreman an 'instrument' or 'weapon' to set Ahreman's counter-creation in motion. The identity of this instrument has been debated for more than a century. In this article, some words in passage 1.29; 34.35 have been re-examined in the light of the other Zoroastrian texts to revise the previous readings and interpretations concerning the identification of this instrument, and accordingly, in the appendix, a hypothesis has been presented regarding the Mazdean cosmogonic myth.