Nicholas Sims-Williams with an Appendix by Étienne de la Vaissière, A Bactrian Document from Southern Afghanistan

Document <b>Uv, </b>Bactrian legal document. style=
Document Uv, Bactrian legal document.

A recently discovered Bactrian document, whose origin is unknown, resembles the other Bactrian documents from Afghanistan which have come to light over the last 25 years or so. The document is a legal contract whose main purpose is to ensure the proper treatment of a family group—the woman Naz and her sons—whom a certain Yolmard consigns to the care of his father Morspan. The main question which arises regarding the content of the present contract is the nature of the relationship between Yolmard and the family whom he leaves in his father’s custody. The woman Naz is described as Yolmard’s “γολο,” an otherwise unattested word which I take to be a dialect variant of the attested ολο or οολο “wife.” My interpretation is based on the hypothesis that γολο and γολοοβοστογο mean “wife” and “marriage-contract” respectively. Étienne de la Vaissière differing view is set out in an accompanying note.