C. Jullien, La révolte des chrétiens au Hūzestān (551): modèles narratifs d’une historiographie

The revolt of Anōšagzād, Husraw I’s eldest son, in 551, was a tumultuous episode of the history of the Christians in Hūzestān. The History of the Catholicos Mār Abba with the Chronicle of Siirt are valuable testimonies regarding the understanding of the East-Syrian Christians' historiographical perception of the revolt. They also provide new and unexplored data that could enlighten later narratives, especially Dīnawarī and Firdowsī, and help us to better understand their sources of inspiration. The analysis of narrative structures and of the context of the revolt in a set of stories concerning Christians from Byzantium enables us to reassess the image of Anōšagzād elaborated by the Persian authors, and the actual role Christians played in this event.