Ingo Strauch, "Inscribed Objects from Greater Gandhāra"

The article introduces four newly discovered objects with Kharoṣṭhī inscriptions. The first of them is a headless stucco image of a Bodhisattva with a donative inscription which recalls that of the so-called "Brussels Buddha." The new text helps to reconsider the etymology of the repeatedly found term adhvadida that can be shown to represent a "hypergandharized" form of Old Indian abhyatīta (cf. Pāli abbhatīta). The second object is a fragmentary relic slab that can be associated with similar objects studied recently by Richard Salomon. A small image of a standing Buddha, which is in the accompanying inscription qualified as gift of the monk Jivea (Skt. Jīvaka), and a biscript Brāhmī-Kharoṣṭhī bronze seal of Puruṣadatta conclude the small series of inscribed objects.