Dieter Weber, New Arguments for Dating the Documents from the "Pahlavi Archive"

The author discusses new arguments for dating the Middle Persian documents of the so-called “Pahlavi Archive” preserved in Berkeley, California, and Berlin. They can be divided into three groups covering the period from about 630 C.E. to the middle of the 8th century. Most documents (the second group) are to be dated according to the post-Yazdigird era (starting with his death in 651 C.E.); this is to be derived from the fact that one important personality mentioned in at least 15 documents, Yazdānfāḏār by name, can be equated to Yazdānfāḏār mentioned in the Tārikh-e Qom (History of Qom written by Hasan b. Mohammad Qomi, compiled 378/988, and preserved in an early 9th/15th-century Persian translation) where it is said that he died in 733 C.E.