Mohammad Ali Amir-Moezzi, Icône et contemplation : Entre l'art populaire et le soufisme dans le shi’isme imamite (Aspects de l’imamologie duodécimaine XI)

This article sets forth the hypothesis that there was a hitherto unknown usage of the shi'i portable icons (shama' il) among the followers of the Sufi order of the Dhahabiyya. The author examines the theological, mystical, and iconographic sources from the classical period of the first compilations of Imami Hadith (3e-4e/9e-10e centuries) to the contemporary dhahabi writings, as well as the icons of the collection Vesel. What stands out in this study is that it seems that these shama'il were used as a support of a spiritual practice of contemplation called "the exercise of vejhe," which consists of discovering " the Light of the Imam" in one's own heart.