Judith Lerner, "Les Sogdiens en Chine–Nouvelles découvertes historiques, archéologiques et linguistiques" and Two Recently Discovered Sogdian Tombs in Xi’an

West wall of tomb of Shi Jun, Xi’an.

This communication is in two parts: a summary of the papers presented at the international colloquium “Les Sogdiens en Chine—Nouvelles découvertes historiques, archéologiques et linguistiques” that was held at the National Library, Beijing, on April 23–25, 2004, and was accompanied by an exhibition, From Samarkand to Chang’an: Cultural Traces of the Sogdians in China, which traced the history of scholarly writings on the subject; the second part, a discussion of two recently discovered tombs of Sogdians living in China during the Northern Zhou period and buried in Xi'an: that of Shi Jun (d. 579), with its remarkable decorated sarcophagus, and that of Kang Ye (d. 571), whose tomb, with his complete skeleton lying on a stone couch was in the process of excavation at the time of the colloquium.  .pdf file

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